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"I want to do something kind for the earth and the people."

With that in mind, GreenHand Group has been established to bring the most practical values and actions. We are committed to continuing to address environmental issues as well as improving public health through our products and services.

Domestic and foreign partners
in 2 years
Product and service lines
born and developed.
Types of products and services
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Development journey


GreenHand was founded.


GreenHand started supplying organic vegetables and fruit cartons in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.


GreenHand Sustainable launches sustainable product lines made from silicone, stainless steel, bamboo,... to replace single-use plastic products.


GreenHand Sustainable started offering Business Gifts.


GreenHand Body & Mind is officially launched.


Yoga for pregnant women - Postpartum Yoga - Office Yoga is widely developed and promoted.


Greenhand Connect was founded.


Launch of GPurely product line - Nutritious organic smoothie powder from fruits and vegetables, imported directly from Australia.

GreenHand starts with a simple story.

Me: Hi, how many kilos of carrots you are.

Girl: brother buy me 2kg always go to me, this afternoon no one buys for me, sell all early to buy some rice for my house tonight,

Me: No one bought it and why are there 2kg, baby (I laughed excitedly for that teaser)... Why is there so much money left to sell...

Girl: in my garden there are many I sell, the house in the garden to eat in the absence of rice, I sell to earn money to buy rice tonight, I smile and show off my teeth...

I bought 2 kilos of carrots and gave her some change hoping to give her a fuller house meal tonight, she thanked me and promised to give me a chicken in the garden in the morning, I shook my head and smiled slightly and walked away ... Walking around the quiet afternoon market, it seems that all the relatives here are like you, idyllic, rustic with the desire for a bowl of vegetable rice throughout the day,... I wandered slowly home on the golden road that was about to turn off, my legs heavy ever since. GreenHand was founded on such a simple thing.

Building a bridge of loving connection is the motto of GreenHand, GreenHand implements practical solutions with the aim of supporting disadvantaged people in remote areas, less fortunate people have the opportunity to improve their lives, along with actively participating in charitable activities in the link system, activities to protect public health and the environment. GreenHand does not act as a charitable foundation, all operating expenses are paid by GreenHand, does not raise donations, the GreenHand fund is collected from products sold on the GreenHand system.

100-Org First Strategy, GreenHand Offers Clean Food Solutions Introduced

  • Creating outputs for products at home, generating income for compatriots: food (vegetables, tubers, fruits, meat ...) will be collected from the home garden of ethnic minorities in remote areas distributed directly to consumers, currently GreenHand has built a collection network in the Central Highlands and will continue to expand, GreenHand does not take goods from farms or supply facilities, which absolutely guarantees 100% organic products because this is a naturally grown product on fertile basalt soil, the compatriots grow themselves for the purpose of providing food for the family.
  • Community support: GreenHand does not act as a charity, GreenHand will deduct a percentage of the products sold into its own fund, the fund will be used for practical activities accompanying many charities that GreenHand combines, GreenHand does not put profits as a top priority, the products sold will ensure the most competitive quotes compared to the products of the same segment. in the market.
  • For public health: GreenHand puts public health in its business ethics criteria, the product will be strictly censored, ensuring the criteria: no fertilizer, no stimulants, 100% organic. All for the purpose of building trust and health for the community.

In addition to direct support activities to the community, environmental issues are also an issue that GreenHand cares about first. Since then, we have constantly made efforts, contributing to environmental actions such as:

  • Distribute and provide green solutions, alternatives to products that harm the existing environment.
  • Provide environmental protection solutions including the development and implementation of specific and annual events, in order to propagate and provide more information to raise awareness of environmental protection to the community.
  • These products are safe and healthy, free of toxic substances, protect public health.
  • Products are granted international certificates of SGS, FDA, Food Safety Inspection of Vietnam Ministry of Food Safety
  • Each product sold will be partly donated to GreenHand's social fund, which is used to support environmental and community events.
  • Expanding the integration of environmental protection networks with more organizations, participating in many environmental protection activities periodically.

Task Green - Healthy - Purposely


Bringing "green" products and services with raw materials to minimize pollution, high durability along with practical uses, modern designs. With a unique range of products and services, GreenHand offers a complete solution to realize healthy living, from organic smoothies to home yoga courses, businesses, nutritional diet tutorials...


As a provider of 100% organic, Australian-standard, additive-free vegetable products and unique healthcare services, GreenHand offers a complete solution to realize healthy living, from instant organic smoothies to home yoga courses, business, dietary guidelines...


GreenHand works for the purpose of creating sustainable values through the construction and development of high-quality, environmentally friendly product lines and services, replacing disposable plastic products, improving the public health of Vietnamese people and connecting individuals, collectives and businesses share the goal of sustainable development of the community "Living green - Living well - Living sharing".

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